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Abb Robotic Welding

Abb robotic welding

Abb robotic welding

Abb robotic welding is the use of mechanized programmable tools (robots), which completely automate a welding process by both performing the weld and handling the part. Processes such as gas metal arc welding, while often automated, are not necessarily equivalent to robot welding, since a human operator sometimes prepares the materials to be welded. Robot welding is commonly used for resistance spot welding and arc welding in high production applications, such as the automotive industry.

Robot arc welding has begun growing quickly just recently, and already it commands about 20% of industrial robot applications. The major components of abb robotic welding are the manipulator or the mechanical unit and the controller, which acts as the robot’s “brain”. The manipulator is what makes the robot move, and the design of these systems can be categorized into several common types, such as scara and cartesian coordinate robot, which use different coordinate systems to direct the arms of the machine.

Mahajan Automation offers complete solutions for the flexible automation of welding and cutting applications. This movie features 10 of the most popular applications showing how abb robotic welding improve productivity, quality and workplace safety in a diverse range of industries. Examples featured include: arc welding, spot welding, laser welding, laser cutting and twin-wire welding.

Robot-based automation increases the efficiency of welding processes and enables your organization to manufacture more parts in less time, while minimizing scrap, increasing quality and improving the working environment. Read more