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ABB IRB 140, S4C+ Controller

Mahajan Automation gives a singular source to utilized ABB robots. We offer utilized ABB robots totally patched up and guaranteed. In our stock, we furthermore have quality curve welding robots, high-payload robot cells for robotization applications. We pass on straightforwardness used robots for some collecting applications like painting, robots, welding robots, robots for palletizing and anything is possible from that point, notwithstanding we can make mechanical tooling devices for your cutting edge mechanical structures through our computerization accessories whenever required.

The ABB IRB 140 is close to nothing anyway exceptionally brisk with great repeatability. Not at all like numerous different robots of this size the IRB 140 is firmly built and is a full power mechanical machine. Sitting at just 810mm high, the 140 can be fitted in a little space, even inside another machine. With a 5kg payload the ABB IRB 140 is perfect for machine tending, pick and place work, MIG and TIG welding, lightweight machining, cutting, fettling, and different applications.

ABB IRB 140, S4C+ Controller

A sign of the genuine idea of the IRB 140 is the utilization of a full-size ABB S4C+ M2000 control bureau. This implies establishment is direct and intended for an appropriate mechanical condition, not something that can regularly be said of the little robot arm types. The M2000 S4C+controller, albeit cosmetically like the S4C, however, it is extremely exceptional inside. Where the S4C utilized ABB's own PC framework (that is thus exceptionally like the S4) the S4C+ has a PC style PC which permits more noteworthy network and has a lot more noteworthy power than its antecedents. Comparable qualities to the S4C fuse the servo drives, the programming dialect, and flex pendant. Out of the blue the clarification behind the tangled name was because Siemens had viably trademarked the S5 name for their PLCs, Typically gave one I/O card giving 16 Digital In and 16 Digital Out Signals and might be fitted with more DI and DO if vital. Simple I/O can likewise be included. The controller can in like manner fill in as a PLC by controlling and watching I/O signals. Up to 3 synchronous projects can be continued running in parallel with the genuine robot program and furthermore when the robot program has stopped. Advanced Outputs can be set at a specific time or partition before a redid position and can be executed synchronously to the robot development. The controller moreover has a twofold chain (0V and +24V) security circuits suggesting that the robot can be continued running without the necessity for extra crisis stops, etc. Because of the controller's extraordinary abilities, it can without quite a bit of a stretch be used with undertakings gave a buy of a CAD-CAM programming system that converts CAD models into robot programs.

The IRB 140 arm is a totally encased robot with IP67 security or with Clean room 10 affirmation. It has been presented in various plants far and wide since 1999 and wound up being particularly strong even in outstandingly extreme conditions. The refered to positional repeatability is ยฑ 0.03mm and the 140 has great way following limits too. As referenced over the 140 can be mounted in a scope of ways, in reality it tends to be mounted at any edge, a noteworthy favorable position to get the best out of the IRB 140's compass.

Robot Information
Specifications Motion Speed Motion Range
Axes: 6 J1 200 ยฐ/s (3.49 rad/s) J1 ยฑ360ยฐ
Payload: 6.00kg J2 200 ยฐ/s (3.49 rad/s) J2 ยฑ200ยฐ
H-Reach: 810.00mm J3 260 ยฐ/s (4.54 rad/s) J3 ยฑ280ยฐ
Repeatability: ยฑ0.0300mm J4 360 ยฐ/s (6.28 rad/s) J4 ยฑ400ยฐ
Robot Mass: 98.00kg J5 360 ยฐ/s (6.28 rad/s) J5 ยฑ240ยฐ
Structure: Articulated J6 450 ยฐ/s (7.85 rad/s) J6 ยฑ800ยฐ
Mounting: Floor, Inverted, Angle
Robot Information
Axes: 6
Payload: 6.00kg
H-Reach: 810.00mm
Repeatability: ยฑ0.0300mm
Robot Mass: 98.00kg
Structure: Articulated
Mounting: Floor, Inverted, Angle
Motion Speed
J1 200 ยฐ/s (3.49 rad/s)
J2 200 ยฐ/s (3.49 rad/s)
J3 260 ยฐ/s (4.54 rad/s)
J4 360 ยฐ/s (6.28 rad/s)
J5 360 ยฐ/s (6.28 rad/s)
J6 450 ยฐ/s (7.85 rad/s)
Motion Range
J1 ยฑ360ยฐ
J2 ยฑ200ยฐ
J3 ยฑ280ยฐ
J4 ยฑ400ยฐ
J5 ยฑ240ยฐ
J6 ยฑ800ยฐ