MA Minivac

MA Minivac

MA Minivac
MA Minivac
Rs 12,999

Smart and lovely, intelligent to clean,
enjoy the colorful life

Sweep, suck, drag, three in one,
multi pattern sweeping, intelligent colorful fashion life

MA Minivac

One click starts Intelligent touch

smart touch technology is a key to starts a vaccume cleaner,
a touch is like the operation of television switches,
fingertip touch, extraordinary experience


Reduce noise, More quiet

We know that your ears are very picky,
we will continue to develop more quiet machines,
reduce noise, so that the noise is less than 65dB


Intelligent cleaning line, clean more thoroughly

Unique electronic dust recognition system, can quickly determine the amount of dust.
Switch to variety of cleaning methods, cleaning more clean.

Spot Cleaning

When it detects a very dirty area,
the robot will activate spot cleaning

MA Minivac

Edge Cleaning

The robot clean along the wall
or the legs of furniture

Auto Cleaning

The Robot will clean a room
automatically and adjust its
cleaning mode according to environment.

Intelligent anti fall

When it come to the stairs, the system can be quickly
induced to prevent falling and turning


Automatic turnaround

The machine can automatically flip out
when the side brush is wire winding.

15 degree intelligent climbing

Strong motor drive, to provide
full climbing ability.

Anti collision

Induction to obstacle intelligent
declaration, automatic steering.

with the use of charge, longer use

The battery uses the high performance of 850MAH nickel hydride battery,
Charging 4 hours can work 55 minutes .


Process design impeccable

The minimalist design philosophy, classic three-dimensional smooth lines,
durable appearance, trusted partners family.

Product Parameters

  • product SizeDiameter 28CM, Height 7.5Cm
  • Weight1.6KG/2.4KG
  • Power15W
  • Climb high2CM
  • Charging time4 Hours
  • Battary capacity8500mAh
  • Clean area biggest150m2

Product Configuration

  • Adapter X1
  • Side Brushes X2
  • Main Body X1


  • Diameter(mm):280
  • Height(mm):75
  • Power rating:15w
  • Input Voltage:AC100~240V
  • Charger output voltage:Dc19V 600mA
  • Battery:Ni-Mh 14.4V Rechargable
  • Battery capacity:850 mAh
  • Charging duration:240 Minutes
  • vaccumimg duration:55 Minutes
  • Dust tank capacity:0.2L
  • Noise:70dB
  • Vacuume suction:0.31kpa
  • Moving Speed:16.5-18.5cm/sec


  • Auto-vacuum:Yes
  • cleaning route:Auto/Spot/Edge
  • filtration system:Primary filter
  • nimber of sensor:3
  • Obstacle Avoiding:Yes
  • AUTO recharge system:No
  • Anti-collisiion system:Yes
  • All floor cleaning:Wood/Tile/short-carpet/stone/linoleum
  • Anti-falling system:Yes
  • Scheduling:No
  • LED Screen:No
  • Side brush function:Two
  • Intelligent dust detection system:Yes
  • Mop function:Yes
  • UV function:No
  • Virtual Wall:No
  • Voice demonstration:Customerizable
  • Remote control:Multi function remote control
  • Top Cover finish:Injected Plastic
  • Color:Customerizable


  • Package Type:Giftbox
  • Inner package:Polyfoam
  • Net/Gross Weight:1.6Kg/2.4Kg
  • Gift box Diamention:313*121*383mm


  • One key to clean
  • Mini design
  • 3 cleaning modes