Rent a Robot

Robots on rent

Are you looking for Robots on rent? Would you like to rent a robot to try out an application or to showcase in an exhibition?

We can help you! We usually have a few robots which are readily available to be rented out. Short term and long-term rental periods are available.

Need a short-term helping hand on a rush project or an adaptable system for a long-term process? Our robotic rental program gives you the choice to lease for short periods, for months, or for years!

Highlights and Benefits:

Long-term, short-term renting. Rent by the week, month or year gives a good return on your investment and gets you a complete working robot arm including Robot, Controller, Teach Pendant, and End of Arm Tooling


Material Handling, MIG Welding, Machine Tending, Palletizing


Mahajan automation Phone Support - Specialized help is set up at Mahajan Automation for support online.

An extra alternative - Mahajan Automation's expert can be made available on location for programming and application set up.

Repair and Maintenance:

Mahajan Automation incorporates a warranty on all robots. The client will be in charge of any physical harm to the Robot. Please check with our Customer Service for warranty details.

Below is a selection of our robots which are currently available for rent

  • Robot
  • Controller
  • Capacity
  • Reach

How does it work?

You place the order and pick up the robot from our works

Use it for the duration you need it

We will provide you with all the technical assistance required as well

Pack it and return it to us as per pre decided terms

Please contact us to know about the commercial terms and to rent your robot.