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ABB IRB 6400(150kg); S4C Controller

The ABB IRB 6400 is a standout amongst the most introduced robots on the planet. They have been utilized by the majority of the major car producers for almost 15 years. They have great notoriety for dependability and capacity and in that capacity are the business standard. It is measured in development and as standard, the 6400 has 120kg limit and 2.4m reach however there are a few kinds accessible with limits up to 150kg and reach up to 3.0m.

The S4C controller is a further improvement of the S4, the "C" represents reduced and for sure this kind of controller is considerably littler and lower than the S4. Albeit a great part of the PC, framework continued as before a few updates were made to both equipment and programming, particularly on the later M98 S4C. The S4C controller is all around respected for its strength and unwavering quality and has a quick boot up time, a lot quicker than numerous present models giving least downtime. Regularly provided with one I/O card giving 16 sources of info and 16 yields it tends to be fitted with a lot more if necessary. Simple I/O is likewise accessible. The controller can likewise fill in as a PLC by controlling and observing I/O signals. Up to 3 foundation programs (for checking signals for instance) can be kept running in parallel with the real robot program and notwithstanding when the robot program has halted. Yields can be set at an explicit time or separation before a customized position and can be executed simultaneously to the robot movement. The controller additionally has worked in double chain (0V and +24V) wellbeing circuits implying that the robot can be kept running without the requirement for additional crisis stop transfers and so forth. Another advantage of the S4C controller over the S3 or S4 is that it is a lot simpler to nourish with information as it has a discretionary Ethernet association.

The robot arm utilizes epicyclic (planetary) gearboxes for the significant hub and is both basic and solid. It ought to be noticed that the arm is additionally exceptionally tough and is less helpless against harm than a considerable lot of its rivals. The robot is altogether fueled by air conditioning servo engines, the "rams" in favor of the arms are not water powered or pneumatic, they are essentially encased mechanical springs. The springs and load on the back of the robot make it exceptionally all around adjusted significance the powers required to move the robot are surprisingly little. Future or MTBF (mean time between disappointment) is to a great extent subject to benefit rehearses (when a year is typical) however we anticipate that 6400's should keep going for somewhere around 100,000 hours. Having said this we have seen genuine models with substantially more than this. These are the primary kinds of S4 controlled IRB 6400 model, costs can rely upon the accessibility of a specific model, for instance, the 3.0m reach is nearly uncommon:

2.4-120 The standard model, 2.4m achieve 120kg payload .

2.4-150 Higher payload show with uprated hub 4 and some hub somewhat slower.

2.4-200 The most noteworthy payload IRB 6400, uprated wrist giving 200kg payload.

2.8-120 Fitted with a 404mm augmentation in the upper arm to build reach to 2.8m.

3.0-75 Fitted with a 606mm augmentation in the upper arm to expand reach to 3.0m, payload diminished to 75kg.

2.25-75PE The "Jab Robot" intended for single sided spot welding, giving heap of 5000N, shorter arm, more grounded engines

2.9-120S The "Rack Robot" has a module above hub 1 that edges the arm descending for working underneath itself.

The IRB 6400 arm and controller are both secured to IP54 with the wrist getting extra insurance to IP55 this implies the robot is appropriate to modern conditions. It ought to likewise be noticed that there are additionally foundry or 6400F adaptations of the majority of the above kinds (aside from the 6400PE). The Foundry variants have an extraordinary non stick paint complete and expanded IP evaluations - IP55 for the arm and IP67 for the wrist.

The IRB 6400 is utilized by the hundred around the globe in a huge number of uses including spot welding, MIG welding, palletising, taking care of, pick and place, machine tending, processing, carpentry, cutting, de-burring, plastics, even NON EX painting and splashing applications. Presently accessible on the utilized market at truly sensible costs the IRB 6400 is a fabulously valuable robot. Our IRB 6400s are provided finished with the arm, control bureau (counting I/O), links and educate pendant. We clean, test and repaint them before transportation and give 3 months parts guarantee. In the event that you require manuals we can give them. The majority of the IRB 6400's we supply will have around 30,000 hours yet this can shift - we are progressively centered around the robot's experience and generally condition.

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