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Used Robots

Mahajan Automation focuses on the supply of used robots from ABB, Fanuc and Kuka among others. The robots are sourced from all over the world; they are refurbished, repainted, thoroughly tested and then sold with a parts warranty. With our focus on minimizing automation costs for our customers, we will help you find the most suitable robot which is just right for your application. With no frills and no unwanted overheads, we work with local system integrators in your area to minimize the cost of the automation solution to you.

We buy robots

We are always looking to purchase used fanuc robots,ABB,Kuka robots to add to our stock. We are interested in anything from a few spare parts to an entire production line of robots. Our preferred manufacturers include ABB, Kuka, and Fanuc. If you have a robot you want to sell, please ask us.

Used and new robot spares

To make Mahajan Automation a one-stop shop for your robot needs, we also supply new and used spares for all the Kuka,ABB Fanuc robots that we supply. Whether you need batteries, data storage, cables, looms, filters, pendants, screens we will provide you with all. We have broad supplies of modern robot save parts, generally ABB and Fanuc robots among others. Please contact us for further information on your spares requirements.

Robot simulation for used robots

We also offer robot simulation services to our customers. Robot simulation is a critical step in building a robotic cell in which the actual robot cycle is simulated. We have developed models for several used robots and so quick simulation is possible using these models. Below are a few things that are checked during simulation:

  • Reach of robot
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Layout of the robot cell
  • Interference of robot with machine doors or other equipment in the cell
  • Safety of workers